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3141 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ
NE corner of McClintock and Southern
Open everyday from 6am - 11pm

Secret Menu!

Ever been to In n Out and felt left out cause people are ordering off the secret menu? Don’t feel left out anymore! At Gold Bar, we have a secret shot menu! But we won’t hide it. Try one of our new shots today:

Romano – a shot of espresso pulled over a packet of sweetener,  with a twist of lemon zest on top

Cubana – espresso packed with a packet of sweetener, pulled through the machine, directly into your cup

Upside-Down Conpana – Shot of espresso poured directly over a healthy amount of homemade whipped cream

Angela – cinnamon and sugar laying at the bottom of the cup, a shot of espresso pulled on top of that, with cinnamon milk foam, topped with a sprinkling of ghiradelli

And just when you thought that was all, there’s more! Help Gold bar invent a new shot of espresso and have that shot named after you! Come in today and try any of our new shot concoctions!

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