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Gold Bar and the movies

Who knew that the Gold Bar Espresso could be such a great setting for part of the movie “The Big Something”? A match made in “heaven” or as the movie goes in the “dark detective world”.

Well, the Gold Bar Espresso venue did provide numerous scenes for the made-in-Arizona movie, including one with the major clues to solving the mystery being a Gold Bar Espresso card.

A scene where Lewis (Michael Coleman) finds the Gold Bar Espresso card as a clue, brings to the mind of the viewer “I know that coffee shop” and the chess scene in Gold Bar has some of the best lines in the movie. The movie was filmed this past year in and around local establishments in Tempe. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not really.

With a little movie magic — lighting, set decorations, local actors — the Gold Bar Espresso cozy and warm interior was transformed into a hip, happening spot for solving the mystery.

Although the Gold Bar card is the 1st hint that one might see more of the famous Gold Bar Espresso, “The display case when the star actor enters is an immediate giveaway you are in Gold Bar Espresso” says Karen “one of the partners who own Gold Bar Espresso”.

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