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3141 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ
NE corner of McClintock and Southern
Open everyday from 6am - 11pm

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Discounted Prices on Pastries!

Now that’s a way to start a celebration! Get $.50 off your pastry with a drink order the week of June 10th-16th.

June is Guest Appreciation Month!

Celebrate with us! June marks 10 years that Gold Bar Espresso has occupied the NE corner of McClintock and Southern. During the whole month of June we want to thank our guests and show you our appreciation. Stay tuned for special games, treats and events!

Gold Bar- A Top 10 Best Coffee House in the Valley!

Thank you to our fans who voted for Gold Bar Espresso for the AZ Central’s Reader’s Choice Best. We were nominated and made the top 10 list. We appreciate all our guests that help make Gold Bar its best!

Vote for Gold Bar!

Gold Bar has been nominated for the AZ Central’s Reader’s Choice Best Coffee House. Please cast your vote by April 12th!

Spring is here!!!

Spring is here and Spring Break is just around the corner. Be sure to stop by Gold Bar and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Happy Valentines’ Day!

Bring your sweetheart in for a special valentine dessert! We have cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate…all things great with coffee!

Happy New Year

Dennis and Karen and the Gold Bar Staff wish everyone a Happy 2012!!

Gold Bar and the movies

Who knew that the Gold Bar Espresso could be such a great setting for part of the movie “The Big Something”? A match made in “heaven” or as the movie goes in the “dark detective world”.

Well, the Gold Bar Espresso venue did provide numerous scenes for the made-in-Arizona movie, including one with the major clues to solving the mystery being a Gold Bar Espresso card.

A scene where Lewis (Michael Coleman) finds the Gold Bar Espresso card as a clue, brings to the mind of the viewer “I know that coffee shop” and the chess scene in Gold Bar has some of the best lines in the movie. The movie was filmed this past year in and around local establishments in Tempe. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not really.

With a little movie magic — lighting, set decorations, local actors — the Gold Bar Espresso cozy and warm interior was transformed into a hip, happening spot for solving the mystery.

Although the Gold Bar card is the 1st hint that one might see more of the famous Gold Bar Espresso, “The display case when the star actor enters is an immediate giveaway you are in Gold Bar Espresso” says Karen “one of the partners who own Gold Bar Espresso”.

Click Here for a few scenes from the movie

Click Here for the movie trailer for “The Big Something”.

Click Here for links to “The Big Something”.

It’s Summer Time… Chill out at Gold Bar!

Welcome to summer time at Gold Bar!

We know it’s hot, and that is why we’re going to make it extra special here for you during the summer heat! We have a number of drinks that will help you cool off. Try any and all of our smoothies, Frozen lemonade, and for you caffeine fiends, always a good time with a frozen Granita! Each batch is made with 45 shots of espresso, milk, and sugar! If that is not enough for you, try our Toddy! Cold brewed iced coffee made on site! Ask one of our baristas the elaborate procedure taken to make this delicious refreshment! Also, a Large assortment of iced teas! 45-50 iced teas made individually for you to enjoy, and a handful of random cold brews! Check back every few days to see what new cold brews we offer!

On top of that, we are running a promotion Monday-Thursday. Come in between 9PM and 11PM and enjoy a discount on your drinks! (does not apply to mugs of coffee or mugs of tea)

Secret Menu!

Ever been to In n Out and felt left out cause people are ordering off the secret menu? Don’t feel left out anymore! At Gold Bar, we have a secret shot menu! But we won’t hide it. Try one of our new shots today:

Romano – a shot of espresso pulled over a packet of sweetener,  with a twist of lemon zest on top

Cubana – espresso packed with a packet of sweetener, pulled through the machine, directly into your cup

Upside-Down Conpana – Shot of espresso poured directly over a healthy amount of homemade whipped cream

Angela – cinnamon and sugar laying at the bottom of the cup, a shot of espresso pulled on top of that, with cinnamon milk foam, topped with a sprinkling of ghiradelli

And just when you thought that was all, there’s more! Help Gold bar invent a new shot of espresso and have that shot named after you! Come in today and try any of our new shot concoctions!